Zach Henson is a recurring character on Recovery Road and the ex-boyfriend of main character Maddie Graham.

Zach, I admittedly surprised when you asked me out 5 months, 8 days and 19 minutes ago, but hey who's counting. ~Maddie (Parties Without Borders)

Biography Edit

Zach is a track athlete at Parsons Bell Academy. When he doesn't have track, Zach has a little fun with alcohol and drugs.

Physical Appearance Edit

Zach is dark in complexion with brown eyes and an adorable smile. His black hair is worn in a short cut. He is tall and muscular.

Friends Edit

Zach was already friends with Ellie Dennis, Nyla and Benji. When Maddie joins their school, she becomes a part of their group.

Romance Edit

They break up in Sick as Our Secrets. Maddie didn't tell Zach about her rehabilitation and didn't want him to come inside the house.