Trish Collins is a former meth addict who lived at Springtime Meadows. She was Maddie's roommate but is currently under evaluation at a psychiatric hospital for her fake baby.[1] She is currently on the Reality TV show Fool House and lives in the house with the rest of the cast.

Trish is a supporting character in Recovery Road and portrayed by Kyla Pratt. She first appeared in "Blackout".



Trish is bubbly, outspoken and an all-around sweetheart. She dreams of being on a reality series and has taken steps toward making it happen.

Her top motivator in staying clean was "Neveah", the daughter she claimed to have, but the only photo she had of Neveah was one of herself.[2]

Physical appearanceEdit

Trish prides herself in her appearance, often dolling herself up even for the residents' morning Group.





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