Every friendship has an origin story, but…some aren't what they seem. Enemies can be friends in disguise, and vice-versa. People can surprise you—with secrets, with lies, with the truth. People can surprise you with love…and some relationships are ever-evolving; you don't know exactly where they'll end up. That's part of the fun.

"Sick as Our Secrets" is the seventh episode of Recovery Road and season 1. It aired on Freeform on 7 March, 2016.


Ellie learns Maddie has been living at Springtime Meadows; soon, Nyla and Zach find out as well.


Charlotte pries Wes for information about Maddie and how she's doing, but Wes suggests Charlotte seek help in trying to stop controlling Maddie and Maddie's choices.

Craig and Cynthia's relationship takes a turn.


The story of how Maddie and Ellie came to be friends is revealed through flashbacks, in addition to Ellie's own experience with addiction.





  • Ellie had an uncle named Jonah, who was a drug addict.
  • Maddie had bathroom duty with Trish, but she was sent to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation of her fake baby.
  • While waiting for Craig, Cynthia was flipping through a book whilst it was upside down.
  • Wes kissed Maddie, and Craig kissed Cynthia; both women kissed their respective persons back.
  • Olivia O'Brien was born Ollivray on 14 August, 1986.
  • Springtime Meadows Sober Living is 5.2 miles from Maddie's high school.
  • Ellie found where Maddie's been living.
  • Vern told Maddie to tell Ellie the truth of why she's at Springtime Meadows.
  • Wes accidentally leaked to Charlotte about Cynthia continuing to be Maddie's sponsor.
  • Zach and Ellie were close in middle school, and Ellie considers Nyla the only reason she wasn't considered a complete nerd.
  • Maddie has always been jealous of Ellie and Zach's friendship.
  • Cynthia calls Vern 'Vernie'.
  • Cynthia refers to Craig as her one last wild oat, which has been sown.
  • Ellie was the first to find Jonah after he died of a drug overdose; she was with her grandfather.
  • The pink index card Ellie gave to Jonah read: Dear Uncle Jonah, I love you, but if you ever do drugs again, you won't be allowed in my room. Sincerely, Ellie
  • While Ellie promised Maddie she wouldn't tell anyone her secret, Ellie told Nyla.
  • Zach offered to be someone to talk to for Ellie when Jonah passed away.
  • Maddie was reading The Giver when Ellie approached her during middle school; Ellie loved the book.
  • Ellie likes baseball; she, Zach and Nyla had a fantasy football game in middle school, which Jonah also participated in.
  • Nyla told Zach about Maddie's addiction and recovery process.
  • Craig got drunk.






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