Olivia O'Brien (born Ollivray; August 14, 1986) is an American actress and model.

Olivia is is a supporting character on Freeform series Recovery Road, portrayed by Mischa Barton.



As a child actor, Olivia received critical acclaim for her role in the cult horror film, Where are the Children? and again in her teens for her portrayal of wealthy heiress Clarissa Leon in the popular television series, Ocean Avenue Royalty, for which she won three People's Choice Awards.

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Olivia is currently seeking help for her addiction at Destinations Malibu, but as a publicity stunt. She stayed at Springtime Meadows when Destinations Malibu became infested with bedbugs, wherein she connected with Vern until he learned she'd faked her relapse due to her time in the media being almost nonexistent.

Olivia also juices and is actively posting photos about her rehab experience on her Instagram account.

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As an adult, Olivia experienced a highly publicized fall from grace with a string of DUI and misdemeanor arrests, for which she famously served a mere fraction of her sentence. After several failed rehab stints, Olivia is again trying to clean up her act and is currently receiving treatment at high-end outpatient living facility Destinations Malibu.


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