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Maddie Graham is an alcoholic and drug addict, who moved into Springtime Meadows as part of a deal her mother made with her high school counselor—so she wouldn't be expelled.

Maddie is the protagonist of Recovery Road and portrayed by Jessica Sula; Raquel Justice portrays Maddie as a middle school student in some flashbacks. She first appeared in "Blackout".


Early life[]

Maddie lost her father at a young age due to a drunk driver.

Rehab and sobriety[]


Physical appearance[]



Maddie had a close relationship with her father, James Graham. When he died, her mother raised her alone.

For the majority of the first thirty days of Maddie's time at Springtime Meadows, she was upset with Charlotte—for putting her in rehab, then for not letting Cynthia be her sponsor&mdash. After her first month at Springtime Meadows, Maddie finds out it was her mother who ordered the locker search, thus causing her to wonder who she can trust. However, after finding Cynthia drunk in her office and not knowing who to turn to/trust, Maddie calls Charlotte for help; once Cynthia is in Charlotte's car, she explains to Charlotte that her actions were called "being of service", in that addicts don't always realize they have a problem, but do need help.